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  1. This agreement supersedes all written and/or oral agreements between AM/PM P.C.C.C. and the vehicle Owner or Owner’s agent. AM/PM P.C.C.C. is a transportation broker not a transporting motor carrier. Although it will assist in the prosecution of any loss or damage claim against the transporting carrier or third party, it is not responsible for damage or loss caused by the negligence or willfulness of the the transporting carrier or any third party while the vehicle is in the possession of the transporting carrier, or otherwise.  All such claims for loss or damage must be filed directly with the transporting carrier or against the third party.  The tender and acceptance of the vehicle(s) for transport is an acknowledgment of the absence of such liability assumed or borne by AM/PM P.C.C.C.
  2. By owner’s or shipper’s signature, Driver and Carrier jointly and separately are hereby authorized to transport the vehicle from the point of pick up specified to the point of destination specified.  Payment of all invoices is due within 15 days of invoice date.  Payment for all invoices not received per the terms of the contract is subject to a late payment fee of $15.00 per freight bill per month plus interest at the rate of 1.5% per month. Offsetting of freight charges against any amounts claimed to be due from AM/PM P.C.C.C. is not permitted.
  3. Payment is required at origin or destination, depending on the age of the car. Transport charge for any auto that is 7 yrs. old or older must be prepaid at origin, all others are payable at the destination.  All monies are received in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to AM/PM Premium Car Carrier, Co. When vehicles(s) are stored in the transporting carrier’s possession, charges shall be assessed by AM/PM P.C.C.C.at the rate of $250.00 per day, or fraction thereof.
  4. If for any reason, owner/shipper fails to have the proper funds or make arrangements to take delivery of the vehicle when truck attempts same, the vehicle will be taken to the nearest terminal and any charges will be added to the shipping costs.
  5. Should this order be cancelled subsequent to the dispatch of the delivery truck, a cancellation charge of $75.00 shall be assessed.
  6. AM/PM Premium Car Carrier, Co. will not guarantee a delivery date. Delivery dates are guaranteed only for truckloads of vehicles, not for individual vehicles. Your car will leave only when a complete load has been arranged. AM/PM shall not be responsible for car rental upon arrival of vehicle. Car rental insurance may be available through AM/PM at an additional charge.
  7. AM/PM P.C.C.C. does not agree to transport the vehicle on any particular truck or by any particular driver, via any particular route, nor in time for any particular market or event, and shall not be responsible for loss or damage occasioned by unavoidable delay. Although we are able to provide you with an estimated pick up and arrival date of your vehicle(s), there are absolutely no guarantees made, expressed or implied, regarding delivery times or dates, because of possible delays due to weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, etc. AM/PM P.C.C.C. shall not be held responsible for any non-use vehicle charges including, but not limited to, car rental fees.
  8. If, despite paragraph (1) above, it is determined that AMPM P.C.C.C. is liable for any loss or damage, it shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage in excess of $2,500.00 per vehicle.  If additional coverage is required it may be provided through AM/PM P.C.C.C. at the rate of $10.00 per $1,000.00 of coverage.
  9. If vehicle is being stored in terminal at AM/PM P.C.C.C. then owner/shipper insurance will be primary. In the event of damage to the vehicle while in carrier’s care, custody, or control, carrier shall not be responsible.  When we are picking up your vehicle with our driver your insurance will be in effect. Owner/shipper warrants that vehicle is fully insured and that such insurance will be maintained in full until it is delivered. Carrier will not knowingly transport an uninsured vehicle.  Additionally, owner/shipper agrees to allow carrier full use of all shipper’s insurances in the event of an accident or damages to the vehicle.
  10. Carrier’s responsibility for the described vehicle commences when this bill of lading is issued and is signed by the driver and terminates when designated vehicle is signed for at destination.
  11. Owner/shipper will make arrangements with AM/PM P.C.C.C. to meet the truck to load and/or unload, at a safe and legal place. Weight restrictions, low trees, small roads and numerous other obstacles may make it impossible and/or impractical to pick up or deliver at the door.
  12. If there are any problems regarding truck delivery, Interstate Commerce Commission regulations require that all outstanding freight charges must be paid without deductions. The owner agrees to properly note any damage claimed while the driver is making the delivery and to pay the balance of the delivery charges in cash or certified funds. Payment to the driver or owner/shipper’s signature on AM/PM P.C.C.C.’s bill of lading or the agent’s bill of lading at destination without notation of damage shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle.  Any claim of damage by AM/PM P.C.C.C. or its agents must be made within 15 days of delivery in writing, specifying the damage claimed, and must be accompanied by two written estimates of repair and photographs of claimed damage.
  13. If claim is made, carrier has the right to take the vehicle to licensed body shop of carrier’s choice for inspection and a damage estimate.
  14. AM/PM P.C.C.C. claims all salvage rights.
  15. Vehicle(s) transported by AM/PM P.C.C.C. serve as collateral with the security interest position in favor of AM/PM P.C.C.C., until all charges are paid and all monies cleared.
  16. The following items are not to be in the vehicle at the time of shipment: explosives, guns, ammunition, flammable products, narcotics, negotiable and legal papers, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furs, money, other articles of unusual value, live pets, live plants or contraband. If you wish to put some items in the vehicle, you do so at your own risk. Personal property must be confined to the trunk. We advise you to cover your valuables with homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
  17. Owner/shipper is responsible for all fuel necessary to complete pick up and delivery. The vehicle shall be tendered with no more than 1/2 tank of fuel. If sufficient fuel is not provided, it will be purchased and collected from shipper.
  18. The owner/shipper further understands and agrees that he/she is responsible for preparing the vehicle for shipment. Fragile or protruding accessories, antennas which do not retract to within three (3) inches of the car body, must be removed and/or properly secured.